What would you like to do?

We offer specific dedicated sessions in the following activities, from beginners exploring something new to advanced practitioners and those wishing to gain accreditation through qualification.  

Enquire if you need help deciding. 


Paddling surrounded by amazing views from a different perspective on river, lake or sea. A chilled out cruise or a more active paddle it's all about exploring and experiencing what the enviroment has to offer from our kayaks. 

0.5 day+


Experience the scenic route with a lowland walk or get the feeling of being on top of the world summiting a mountain to enjoy the vast landscape views with a hot cup of tea. 

1 day+   


Rock Climb / Abseil 

Get to grips with movement and balance as you Rock Climb in some stunning locations. Followed by an optional Abseil, you can rappel down the crag at your own pace taking in the surroundings. 

0.5 day+


Leaping, splashing, swimming, scrambling, reading swells and observing the marine life to explore the ocean formed coastline with its caves and rock features. 

0.5 day+

Scuba Diving / Snorkelling

Try a PADI Discover Scuba Dive. It gives you the perfect introduction to the underwater world . A little theory followed by a short snorkel then on with equipment and take your first breaths to experience and explore the marine world. 

0.5 day+



Gorge Walking

Jump and slide into pools, wade and make your way up waterfalls, swim and float with the flow to experience a variety of river features and water carved rock in beautiful places.

0.5 day+

What to bring with you!

Land: Waterproofs, warm clothes, good footwear ( boots ), food/snacks, backpack, medication.

Water: Swimming togs, towel, warm clothes, good footwear ( that can get wet ), food/snacks, medication.


Session equipment will be provided