Expeditions are goal driven journeys.

People often view them as long, arduous journeys with a mass of equipment off to some far corner of the world, although we like to do that too they do not always have to be.

You can have smaller scaled expeditions to explore a more local area building a greater sense of place with a poteintielly lower finacial cost and not as time consuming.

The options are near limitless, get in contact.  

2 Day Expedition:

Goal focused outdoor adventures over a two day duration. We'll pace ourselves for two multi activity days including an overnight camp.



3+ Day Expedition:

Multi activity expedition style. Maybe you want to circumnavigate an island, to reach all the summit's of a mountain range or go on a island sailing journey. We'll put our imaginations together to find something to suit your needs.


If you are looking for something bigger or have an idea for a great expedition and need a guide don't hesitate to get in contact.