L2 Kayak Skills Assessment


 The Level 2 Kayak Skills Assessment must take place outdoors on flat water (i.e. water of Grade I difficulty). No part of an assessment can be taken in a swimming pool.

During an assessment all techniques and skills must be demonstrated to an assessor's satisfaction in order to achieve this award.

It may not be feasible for a junior or disabled person to assist fully in rescues - such candidates should, however, have a full understanding of the correct sequence of each of the required rescues and have some role to fulfill in the completion of these rescues.

A spray-deck must be worn throughout an assessment.

All strokes should be demonstrated in relevant situations i.e. use of a simple draw stroke to manoeuvre the kayak to the bank. Strokes should be demonstrated on both sides of the kayak.

The Level 2 Kayak Skills Award is not a compulsory prerequisite for any subsequent Canoeing Ireland skills awards.

No age restriction applies to this award.