Experience the Wild Atlantic Coast!

Coasteering is an amazing way to explore the coastline and connect with the marine environment. Take a closer look at wildlife getting to know the seaweeds and sea creatures while swimming amongst the swell and surge of the ocean, climbing onto rocks and jumping off into the ocean.

You don't need to be an olympic swimmer but it generally helps to be water confident. 


We will meet at the coast to issue you your equipment (Helmet, Buoyancy Aid and Wetsuit). We will have brief to set a plan of action and then get to it.

There will probably be some walking along rocks and we'll build the session up gradually getting you used to getting in and out of the water if you'd like some jumping in. We'll swim in the water using the flow of the timed swell/surge, journeying along we might be lucky enough to explore caves and arches.


Please bring with you:

        • Swimwear
        • Towel
        • Lace up runners/shoes that you don't mind getting wet
        • Any other personal essentials