Rock Climbing

Rock Skills 1

The Rock Skills 1 course aims to build an understanding  of the following:


Movement skills:

  • Body positioning (Weight shift)
  • Footwork (Edging, Smearing)
  • Hand positioning (Open/Closed Crimps, Side pulls)


  • Warming up
  • Spotting / Falling
  • Venue safety and risk assessment
  • Movement Visualisation
  • Feature Recognition

Rope Work:

  • Knots (Fig 8, Stopper, Clovehitch)
  • Tying in
  • Rope management (Coiling/Flaking)
  • Belaying / Lowering


  • Helmets
  • Rock shoes
  • Ropes
  • Karibiners
  • Harnesses

Rock Skills 2

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Learn To Lead Climb

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