Natural Navigation Skills

Strongly focused on the place that surrounds us; environment, ecology, history, folklore and community.

We'll engage on a sensory observation experience of the natural environment surrounding us; taking in the sights, smells, sounds, taste and feelings we encounter to just 'be' in the natural world. 

Nature navigation can be a great way to connect and gain a deeper understanding with the natural world and it's elements

interacting with the environment. Practicing over an extended time enables a deep experience and can help to grow a wider environmental awareness.

We can learn a lot from our observations if we wish; forecasting the weather, natural navigation, when and why berries are prolific one season to the next and what effect we have on local wildlife.


' I look, listen and learn for I have been yearning to be connected with the wider sphere of the natural world'  


Let us know what areas you are interested in whether it be the ocean, woodland and /or mountain environment, we can link them and plan a personalised course for you.


Learn to read the story in the wind!

What to bring with you! 

Land: Waterproofs, warm clothes, good footwear ( boots ), food/snacks, backpack, medication.

Water: Swimming togs, towel, warm clothes, good footwear ( that can get wet ), food/snacks, medication.

Camp: If you have your own sleeping bag, tent and/or toothbrush you prefer to use let us know. A Change of socks and base layer may be a good idea.


Session equipment will be provided